Last week I’ve decided to try Azure Container Instance for processing a Go script that shares images between container registries (ACR). Previously the script was executed manually on my computer and I needed to automate it in order to save time. Below I will describe to you the steps of writing in terraform code to build this useful stuff.

The creation of image and container registry it’s not described on this post. It’s a prerequistes to build them before.

Step 1: Create the Storage account with File Share

The storage account contains a File share that will store the config files of my script. …

Last week my client asking me a suitable solution in order that instances in private subnets could access buckets of account.

I told him naively, “It’s simple you just need to deploy VPC S3 Endpoint and attach it on default Route Table of the private subnets”. …

One of the main super important thing when you dive in Cloud world it’s paying huge attention to secure and monitor your infrastructure, else someday you could wake up with a bad surprise.

Enforce Encryption and Send SNS Notification

In this new post on AWS World, I will describe to you how you could simply create an autonomous system that will enforce default KMS encryption on all newly created buckets and send notifications. As usual in my post, everything will be implemented via Terraform code.

Serverless Architecture

I’ve started diving in AWS six months ago. Before I was working as a System Engineer for eCommerce company which the infrastructure was managed in Datacenter.

One of my first project on AWS world was to migrate a legacy React.js web app to AWS. I’ve chosen to build this application without server because I did not want to manage server configuration (packaging, update, Security…)
and mostly use all the power of AWS for Building Serverless app.

In this post, I will describe all the step that I realised in order to do it. I will only focus on the terraform…

Herve Khg

Multi Cloud (Azure/ AWS) Systems/Devops Engineer in France.

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